How to Make a Superb Multilingual Website

Start with translation

Is expanding to new countries and regions the next step for your business? It’s likely that your website content was originally written in one or maximum two languages. This chapter answers the “How to translate a website into another language?” question.

You could hire a professional to translate your website content. But depending on the target language and the amount of content, this can be a rather expensive endeavor. Still, a professional translator will be able to adapt your website not only in terms of language but also in terms of culture, catering it more to the needs of your new target audience.

Although creating multilingual websites using Google Translate is considered faux pas, opting for machine translation, does prove to be cheaper and faster than the other alternatives.

Many multiple language websites turn to software-as-a-service translation solutions that offer a variety of web and mobile localization services. Let’s look at the specific examples of companies that apply best practices for website localization.


Localize offers a variety of translation tools for translating websites and web applications, backend elements (emails, SMS messages, notifications, etc.), and iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile applications in more than 80 language pairs. They also offer technology for translating uploaded files in CSV, YAML, XML, and other formats.

Localize features include:

a translation dashboard with intuitive reporting, custom HTML and CSS, and file and content hosting;

tools for automation, including automatic content and language detection, plug-and-play integrations, and search engine optimization;

translation tools such as an in-context editor, a glossary, and a style guide;

tools for team collaboration with support for different user roles and permissions;

on-demand human translation from the platform’s partners; criação de loja virtual

client support and consultation;

privacy and security, including network security, input control, two-factor authentication, and an activity stream;


Bablic is an online service for website translation. It offers comprehensive translations via a simple process, which you can test within the 14-day free trial:

log into the platform;

type in your website’s URL;

select the source and target languages;

Ñ?hoose the language selector. You can go with labels (English, Deutsch), short code (EN, DE), or flags (which we don’t advise, but more on that later);

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